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Alluna And Brie is a standalone story set directly after the events of Max's Big Bust - A Captain Nekorai Tale. Play as Brie, a spunky pink haired girl who recently gained the ability to magically summon cheese sandwiches out of thin air. Everyone thinks Brie's magical girl powers are a joke, but the Magical Response Unit is in desperate need of her help.


The game features an in-depth time management system. Brie has four stats that contribute to her morale, and you'll need to make sure she eats right and has plenty of leisure time if you want to perform well in combat. Each chapter of the game takes place over the course of a month, and you'll have to choose wisely if you want to clear the dungeon in time. If you play your cards right you might even be able to pursue a relationship with one of ten different love interests.



Five Massive Chapters to play through, each with unique dungeons to explore and terrifying bosses to conquer.

Strategic Turn Based Combat. Choose a team from a roster of eight magical girls, each with their own skills and strengths, and battle over forty unique enemy types. 

A cast of over sixty unique characters, and a dozen ridiculous outfits for Brie to wear.

Ten different love interests to date, including a pirate, an octopus girl and a busty police officer with flame elemental powers.

Explore Axon City for the first time! Axon City features six districts and over two dozen different shops to buy from. There's even a day/night and weather cycle which changes what stores and activities are available. 


Play the insect collecting and battling minigame InsectiVirus on your GameCore, or watch the news program Max Heart Minute to find out which store is having a sale. There's a new episode to watch every single in-game day!

Visit three Holiday Towns and eat a massive variety of Australian foods, from dim sims and sausage rolls to fairy bread and lamingtons. Head to the pub to grab a chicken schnitty and a beer for lunch, or live exclusively off expensive coffee! The choice is yours.


Take part in Mermaid Spikers matches, an RPG sports minigame with a mermaid themed twist! Can you win the Axon City Regional Championships?

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