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Lachlan Snell

Writer/Programmer - All Games

Lachlan Snell is the founder of Lached Up Games, and is responsible for all of the writing and programming duties. He is based in rural Australia, which is why all the characters in our games say 'bloody hell' and 'mate' so much.




Combat Sprites

Gion has been working for Lached Up Games for a looong time. Gion is responsible for creating all of the combat sprites in Alluna and Brie, all of the animated food sprites, a lot of the HUD, and the super adorable chibi-Max sprites in Max's Big Bust 2. You can check out his profile on Skillots here:


Character Sprites

Paru+ has created all of the new character art assets for Max's Big Bust 2 - Max's Bigger Bust. She's an extremely talented artist who draws a lot of cute anime girls with animal ears, and you can check out her website here

Dina Yunita

Maps + Backgrounds

Dina Yunita is an artist based in Indonesia who has created assets for Alluna and Brie, Axon in Ashes and Max's Big Bust 2. She's responsible for all of the interactive maps you see in the free time section! You can check out her website here.

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