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Lachlan Snell

Writer/Programmer - All Games

Lachlan Snell is the founder of Lached Up Games, and is responsible for all of the writing and programming duties. He is based in rural Australia, which is why all the characters in our games say 'bloody hell' and 'mate' so much.




Saburo Inazuma

HUD/Logo Design - All Games

Lightning Saburo is a Japanese Artist with a wide range of skills, ranging from logo design to producing promotional material. Lightning Saburo has a large amount of experience in the field and has made a tremendous difference to the overall quality of our games.


Syuuhou Visual Arts Workshop

Combat Sprites - Alluna and Brie

Syuuhou Visual Arts Workshop are in charge of producing all of the character sprites that appear in the combat sections of Alluna and Brie. They have a large amount of experience creating assets for Japanese mobile games. 




Doku Denpa

Art Lead - Max's Big Bust

Doku Denpa is a skilled artist based in Japan who was responsible for creating all of the character art and event CG for Max's Big Bust - A Captain Nekorai Tale. Doku Denpa has previously created webcomics and often sells their wares at Comiket.




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